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"...a fine percussionist, fluent in many musical languages" - Fareed Haque

"...adept in a wide variety of musical excellent and well-rounded percussionist" - Gordon Stout

"...a virtuoso performer" - Danbury News-Times

JAMES WALKER is a classically-trained percussionist who specializes in mallet percussion and steel pan, currently residing in southwestern Connecticut. Also active as an educator, he has taught at Ithaca College and Northern Illinois University, he has presented mallet percussion clinics across the United States, and his writings have been published in Jazz Player Magazine (authoring the "Expressive Jazz Techniques" column) and Percussive Notes, the official magazine of the Percussive Arts Society. His debut CD, Rhyme Or Reason, featuring Fareed Haque and Liam Teague, has received radio airplay across the U.S. and around the world. Currently, in addition to his schedule of teaching and performances, he also hosts the mallet percussion forum at

James currently freelances throughout Connecticut, on drum set, steel pan, mallets, and percussion. He has performed with many of the state's top musicians, including vocalist Mary Taylor, percussionist Dwight "Professor" Baldwin, multi-instrumentalist Lance James, and saxophonist George Sovak. He is also active in classical music, performing with several regional orchestras, and presenting recitals with his wife, vocalist Sara Vokes.

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Tracks from James' CD Rhyme Or Reason are now available online at Apple's iTunes store:

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