What's Your Point?
from the CD, Standards "Plus"
Malletjazz Records - JWG2001

James Walker - vibraphone
Ken Gioffre - tenor saxophone
Rob Aries - piano
Dave Anderson - bass
Joel Rosenblatt - drums

solos: James, Rob, Ken, Dave, Joel

recorded Oct. 1999
Cliffsound Studios
Yonkers, NY
Joel Rosenblatt, engineer
What's Your Point? was originally recorded as part of a "CD Masterclass" I prepared for the June/July 2000 issue of Jazz Player Magazine, dealing with interaction in jazz. Dave was very important in helping to put this project together, suggesting the use of his band's rhythm section (Dave, Joel, and Rob) on the recording. The track was recorded "live in studio" at Joel's "Cliffsound Studios" outside of New York City.
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