from the CD, Rhyme Or Reason
Malletjazz Records - JWG2003

James Walker - vibraphone, marimba
Liam Teague - steel pan
Craig Brandt - bass
Paul G. Ross - drums
Erik Leckrone - percussion

solos: James, LIam

recorded June/November 1997
RealMusik Studios
Bartlett, IL
Craig Brandt, engineer
Passport was originally conceived as a marimba/steel pan duo, with an eye towards Liam's participation in this project. After playing through it a few times, we agreed that it would be a good idea to expand the instrumentation, which eventually grew to this version.

Erik really adds some nice color to this performance with his tasteful percussion playing, especially the simple - but very well executed - shaker work behind Liam's solo.

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