from the CD, Rhyme Or Reason
Malletjazz Records - JWG2003

James Walker - vibraphone, marimba, percussion
Ken Gioffre - soprano saxophone
Fareed Haque - guitar
Craig Brandt - bass
Paul G. Ross - drums

solos: Fareed, Ken, James

recorded June/July 1997
RealMusik Studios
Bartlett, IL
Craig Brandt, engineer
MIrage was originally part of a composition with several contrasting sections. However, when I first ran the sheet music for it past Fareed, he said, "These other sections are...(pause)...OK...but this (pointing to the melody section which became "Mirage") is what you want to keep - this is a song, not a "composition" - and sometimes you just want to let a song be a song." Special mention should be made of Ken's solo; all of his playing on the CD is fantastic, but he really shines on this track.
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