SIGNAL PROCESSING FOR VIBRAPHONISTS is designed for the benefit of mallet players making their first moves into electronics, amplification or recording. It presents basic information regarding effects and dynamics processing, with sound files demonstrating:
  • reverb
  • chorus
  • tremolo
  • EQ
  • compression
  • tremolo
  • pitch shifting
  • delay/echo

Other pages include information on microphone techniques, and a "Signal Chains" page outlining several different electronics setups. Also, a page of links to online resources is included.

The CD-ROM is authored by James Walker, a mallet percussion specialist with years of experience dealing with vibe amplification and signal processing. The disc is an extension of "Effects Processing for Vibraphone," one of the popular lessons pages on James' website,

SIGNAL PROCESSING FOR VIBRAPHONISTS is currently out of stock. If you wish to be notified when the CD-ROM is available again, please use our "Inquiries" form:

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