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Lessons Pages

These online lessons deal with the topics which arise most often when I'm teaching or presenting clinics.

If you are interested in private studies, or my availability as a clinician, click here for my "Clinics and Lessons" page.

If you have any questions about these materials, or anything else to do with mallet percussion, please visit the online mallet percussion forum I moderate at

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Archives - Past Lessons

Jazz Vibraphone - Chordal Studies

The ABCs of Chord Voicings

Four-voice Textures for Jazz

Chordal Jazz Vibraphone

Classical Techniques for Jazz Mallets

Solo Vibraphone - Myths and Misconceptions

Bossa/Samba Comping Patterns

Solo and Duo Textures

Bassline Construction

Mallet Instrument Technique

Mallet Dampening

Big Band Vibraphone

Mallet Selection

Vibraphone Pedaling

Extended techniques for Vibraphone

Tone Production on Mallet Instruments

Stickings Concepts for Mallet Instruments

Interval Expansion Techniques


Jazz Harmony / Jazz Theory

Improv' 101 - Getting Started

Diminished Scales - Part I

Diminished Scales - Part II

Reharmonization - Part I

Reharmonization - Part II

Reharmonization - Part III


Chord Symbol Notation Basics

Texts and Reference Materials

Suggested Textbooks

Electronics / Amplification

Mallet Synths vs 'Real Instruments'

Microphone Techniques for Vibraphone

Effects Processing for Vibraphone