As stated on the October 2001 lesson page on this site, I am not, nor do I ever plan to be, accepting or soliciting submissions of textbooks, videos, CD-ROMs, or any other educational material for inclusion on my web site. While I reserve the right to add texts of my own choosing in the future, I will absolutely refuse to add any text which arrives at my doorstep unsolicited. This page is not intended to be an outlet for publicizing new materials - please contact the publishers of magazines such as Percussive Notes, Modern Drummer, etc., if this is what you are looking to do.

In the highly unlikely circumstance that any author or publisher would want to quote any comments found on the October 2001 lesson page of this site, please don't. I'm not interested in being quoted in anyone's publicity materials...

If any publisher or author (or agent thereof) sends me any unsolicited materials, those materials won't get any mention on my web site, nor will they be returned.

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