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(note: none of the artists at receive any monetary remuneration for their endorsement agreements)

James Walker

James endorses mallets by Mike Balter, using custom-made 124R mallets (with longer rattan handles) for his jazz vibraphone & marimba work, the Universal and Shadow series on concert marimba, and the 24R model on mallet synth.

James now endorses the Xylosynth, by Wernick Musical Instruments, Inc. He performs on the four-octave "Folding Four" model Mark V Xylosynth.

Additionally, while not technically an official "endorsement deal," James also performs and records exclusively on steel pans created and tuned by Cliff Alexis, including Cliff's double tenor and quadrophonic pans.
James has several other endorsement deals in the works - check back here soon for official announcements.

Mark Mahoney

Mark endorses mallets by Mike Balter. His favorites on acoustic vibraphone are the 62R, 125R, and 123R models, and on mallet synth, the Basic BB5 or BB6