FAQ pages

“What books do you recommend for vibraphone and marimba studies?”

Dave Samuels “A Musical Approach to Four-Mallet Technique”
Phil Kraus “Modern Mallet Method” (vol. I, II, III)
Leigh Howard Stevens “Method of Movement for Marimba”
Gordon Stout “Ideo Kinetic Workbook for Marimba”
George H. Green “Instruction Course for Xylophone”
Buster Bailey “Mental and Manual Calisthenics”
Pasquale Bona “Rhythmical Articulation”
David Friedman “Dampening and Pedaling”
John Mark Piper “Shapes and Patterns of Music”

...but none of these is a substitute for finding a good teacher, especially where four-mallet technique is concerned.

- JW